Twenty-fifth Sunday after Trinity

Any prayers or praises?

O praise the Lord of heaven: praise him in the height; praise him in the depth.
O praise the Lord of heaven: praise him, all ye angels; praise Jehovah.
Praise him, sun and moon and blazing comet: praise the Lord.
Let them praise the Name of the Lord: for he spake the word, and all were made; he commanded, and they were created.
Admire, adore!
Ye dragons whose contagious breath people the dark abodes of death,
Change your dire hissings into heavenly songs and praise your Maker with your forked tongues.
O praise the Lord of Heaven!
Fire and hail and snow; wind and storm;
Beasts and cattle; creeping insects, flying fowl;
Kings and princes, men and angels: praise the Lord!
Jew and gentile, male and female, bond and free;
Earth and heaven, land and water: praise the Lord!
Young men and maids, old men and babes: praise the Lord!
Join creation: preservation and redemption join in one!
No exemption nor dissension: one invention and intention reigns through the whole: to praise the Lord!
Alleluia! Praise the Lord!

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Apologies for not replying last week--I did pray for these things when I saw your comment then, but forgot to let you know I'd seen your request.

Online debating is an odd thing. I sometimes wonder if there's any good in it, but from time to time I see proof that there at least can be.