There's really no connection to the ocean

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🐚 🔱 🌊 paralian questions! 🌊 🔱 🐚

sea: what is your birthstone?
angelfish: do you like museums?
waves: favorite music artist?
pearl: what is your favorite album of all time?
atlantic: what is your favorite song of all time?
blue: what is your middle name?
ocean: do you have a favorite painting?
pier: do you like to wear makeup?
seaside: dream job?
cove: do you have a special place that you go?
jellyfish: favorite designers?
shark: have you ever seen a psychic?
pacific: do you think you’ll get married?
coast: do you like staying in hotels?
sand: would you ever shave your head?
shells: do you have an idol?
tide: what is your favorite drink?
coral: do you like nicknames?
bay: do you believe in an afterlife?
palms: do you believe in magic?
starfish: are there any words that you live by?
ray: do you believe in ghosts?
lagoon: favorite mythical creature?
titan: do you like thunderstorms?
sail: do you have a favorite poem?
seagrass: do you like to write?

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Why hello there, my aquatic friend. ;D

seaside: dream job? Part-time, not helpdesk, pays enough that I don't have to worry about retirement or health insurance, less than 15 minute drive (or from home, that would be nice). Once upon a time I would've said "writer", but I know enough about myself now to be pretty sure that would be a bad idea. But I would like to have time to write when my brain's cooperative.

shells: do you have an idol? No? I have people I respect and admire for different reasons, but none that I'd put on a pedestal. For instance, Lewis and Tolkien were both rad, but I will freely admit they also had huge personal flaws.

atlantic: what is your favorite song of all time? Um. That's ... that's a really big question. I love Spem in Alium a lot, but it's also not singable. Idumea's a favorite too, but not all the time, y'know? Two Magicians is great fun to sing, but absolute favorite? Come All You Fair and Tender Ladies was the main lullaby I used for my nieces when they were very small, and I've been singing Star in the East on my walk to work in the mornings recently.

Oh! No, wait, I do have an answer:

I love this song so much. I still have the tenor line completely memorized almost 10 years after performing it. I'll walk around just singing the tenor line (and interposing other bits as needed to carry the thing along) to myself. There's no other piece of choral music for which that's true.

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