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There's really no connection to the ocean

(via zmediaoutlet)

🐚 🔱 🌊 paralian questions! 🌊 🔱 🐚

sea: what is your birthstone?
angelfish: do you like museums?
waves: favorite music artist?
pearl: what is your favorite album of all time?
atlantic: what is your favorite song of all time?
blue: what is your middle name?
ocean: do you have a favorite painting?
pier: do you like to wear makeup?
seaside: dream job?
cove: do you have a special place that you go?
jellyfish: favorite designers?
shark: have you ever seen a psychic?
pacific: do you think you’ll get married?
coast: do you like staying in hotels?
sand: would you ever shave your head?
shells: do you have an idol?
tide: what is your favorite drink?
coral: do you like nicknames?
bay: do you believe in an afterlife?
palms: do you believe in magic?
starfish: are there any words that you live by?
ray: do you believe in ghosts?
lagoon: favorite mythical creature?
titan: do you like thunderstorms?
sail: do you have a favorite poem?
seagrass: do you like to write?
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