soda vs. pop vs. coke

Where I live, everyone calls it "soda"--but a new coworker who moved from the other side of the state calls it "pop", which throws me for a small loop every time it happens. So now I'm curious--what do you all call it?

Sweetened fizzy drinks are:

Something else
Bruce Wayne just drinks Champagne

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I wonder how it wound up with that label. Maybe old-style caps went "pop" when you took them off?
Oh, thanks for sharing! My long-time question of "why is it called pop?" has finally been answered.

In Mississippi, where my mother was from, everything was Coke.  In Arkansas, where I live now, people used to call it sody.  I presonally call it by the product name, usually Pepsi.        m.    :)

New Jersey drinks soda. I think I remember kids calling it pop when we lived in in North Jersey--very close to New York--for a short time in my babyhood. (we live in South Jersey now.)
Makes sense--I'm on east coast PA and we call it soda, while the coworker who calls it "pop" is from Pittsburgh, which is near midwestern.
Interesting--so it must be at least somewhat regional in the UK as well, since to two previous UK votes were for "fizzy drink".
sweet unfizzy is sweet tea (iced) You haven't lived until you have had Montgomery (AL) Sweet Tea!
I must admit I haven't had proper sweet tea. Around here the tendency is for it to be at least somewhat bitter.