soda vs. pop vs. coke

Where I live, everyone calls it "soda"--but a new coworker who moved from the other side of the state calls it "pop", which throws me for a small loop every time it happens. So now I'm curious--what do you all call it?

Sweetened fizzy drinks are:

Something else
Bruce Wayne just drinks Champagne

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I wonder how it wound up with that label. Maybe old-style caps went "pop" when you took them off?
Oh, thanks for sharing! My long-time question of "why is it called pop?" has finally been answered.

In Mississippi, where my mother was from, everything was Coke.  In Arkansas, where I live now, people used to call it sody.  I presonally call it by the product name, usually Pepsi.        m.    :)

New Jersey drinks soda. I think I remember kids calling it pop when we lived in in North Jersey--very close to New York--for a short time in my babyhood. (we live in South Jersey now.)
Makes sense--I'm on east coast PA and we call it soda, while the coworker who calls it "pop" is from Pittsburgh, which is near midwestern.
Interesting--so it must be at least somewhat regional in the UK as well, since to two previous UK votes were for "fizzy drink".
I must admit I haven't had proper sweet tea. Around here the tendency is for it to be at least somewhat bitter.