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Review: SPN 14.04, "Mint Condition"

I'm trying to work my way through the back half of SPN s13 because I know there's good stuff there that I shouldn't ignore just because I went through a fandom depression last year. But after seeing the trailers and gifs for "Mint Condition" I knew I had to watch it. And I loved it so much. I don't begrudge the show its seasons arcs--I know for a lot of people that's what keeps them interested. But this? This is my bread and butter.

- Dean hiding in his room because his house is full of strangers--I feel you, buddy. I'd be doing the same thing. Heck, I do the same thing whenever we have house guests for more than one day.
- The show using snippets of s1-2 episodes to pad out the horror movie channel sizzle reel. I reconized that split-second of killer monster truck, and also that haunted cabin.
- Sam's little satisfied smile after he successfully lured Dean out his room
- His polite but fake "aah" after the trick-or-treating kid shouted "boo" at him
- Dean's general enthusiasm throughout the episode--Sam really did pick the perfect therapeutic hunt to take him on.
- Sam accidentally distracting Dean from his angst by giving him the mystery of "but why does Sam hate Halloween?" to figure out
- Dean swapping their mugs, and Sam rolling his eyes but not protesting
- Also, Dean's penchant for free food continues; "I can't believe you asked her to make us cider", Sam says, and Dean's answer is "she offered it to us". Love it when my headcanon is so supported by canon that it's not really just headcanon anymore
- Dean silently looking to Sam for an explanation of "MIRL" and Sam giving it to him without being asked (and then Dean mocking him for it because ragging on Sam is just part of who he is)
- The two security guards at the hospital and their running commentary on the movie (without noticing the real-life reenactment going on outside their window)
- Also, I love their schlubby "insurance agent" costumes--I wonder if Dean's glasses were actually his hellhound glasses from s12 (and maybe s8? I'm feeling too lazy to go look up the screen caps). If so, that makes it even more fun.
- This was even one of the very rare "no death" episodes, which makes it perfect therapy for Dean
- You know, this is pretty much the opposite of the failed therapy episode from s13--where Sam attempts to raise Dean's spirits through strippers and booze but the case goes bad and Dean basically commits casual suicide, and everything's all messed up. That was another ghost-possession case, but what a complete disaster. This, on the other hand? Pure, unadulterated fun. Good job, Sam.
- Also, I loved how mundane his reason was for hating Halloween. Because even the Winchesters don't exist purely on Drama(TM).
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