Movie-viewing habits

I don't watch movies much anymore, mostly because for me, movies (and TV) happen only in a social setting--if I'm not watching it with someone, I'm probably not watching it at all. Not sure why, but it's become increasingly so over the years. But I'm curious how it is with the rest of you:

I watch movies

By myself (in the dark)
I have a "viewing buddy"
In the theater by myself
At the theater as part of a fun time out with family/friends
I don't watch movies
Batman watches movies on the big screen in the batcave
Some other permutation

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or once in a while I take my kids to the movies, but yeah. Mostly I watch movies and tv shows alone on my iPad. In the dark. With my headphones on!
I stream movies on my TV or watch them on my desktop. Every once in a while I'll watch movies on my Kindle. I like watching stuff at home in my pjs. I can start and stop when I want or need to. Above being comfortable watching movies at home is way cheaper.

My husband's and my tastes are so different that it's so difficult to find a movie we both like.

We've cut the cord. We no longer have cable. We're 100% streaming.

I hear you on both the price difference and the difficulty in finding movies that everyone is actually interested in--I miss the movie nights we used to have as a kid, but now that we're all adults with very set preferences there's not much overlap anymore.