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Review: SPN 13.12, "Various and Sundry Villains"

Yeah, I know we're on s14, but I got so disheartened by ambient fandom negativity last season that I had to set it aside for a while until I'd forgotten all the criticism and could simply sit down and enjoy the show on its own terms--and I definitely enjoyed the episode in question. In no particular order, some specific things I enjoyed:

- Yeah, the sisters as a sort of distorted parallel to the boys was a little obvious, but the parallel was actually to maybe s2, so it didn't feel as on-the-nose as it might have earlier in the series. Instead, we got a nice sort of contrast. Yeah, the Winchesters also do crazy/dubious stuff to get their family members back, but their aware of and try to mitigate the damage along the way/afterwards.

- Brenda the cashier: You gonna be really mean? [...] ‘Cause it’s about damn time someone was. And then of course her appreciative look as Dean was heading out the door. ;)

- Dean using the word "twitterpated" to describe himself

- Sam and Dean's wrestling match on/in front of the Impala, and Sam's little-kid attempts to tap out

- Rowena and Sam talking about coping with what Lucifer did to them. This provided a nice balance to Lucifer's "I'm not such a bad guy" schtick he was putting on for Castiel. And I know that Cas stabbing him with a generic angel blade isn't going to do more than slow him down a little, but still: a very satisfying moment.

- The opening scene was exceedingly effective, all the more horrific because of the more comedic tone. And the guy playing Dale managed to completely sell me on his character despite having all of 30 seconds to do it before the love spell kicked in.

- The whole episode went by quite fast--I had a genuine moment of "oh, it's over all ready?" at the end. And that's almost always a good sign. :)
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