Brat Farrar (bratfarrar) wrote,
Brat Farrar

Twenty-first Sunday after Trinity

(Prayer requests?)

Ave verum corpus, natum | Hail, true Body, born
de Maria Virgine, | of the Virgin Mary,
vere passum, immolatum | having truly suffered, sacrificed
in cruce pro homine | on the cross for mankind,
cuius latus perforatum | from whose pierced side
fluxit aqua et sanguine: | water and blood flowed:
esto nobis praegustatum | Be for us a foretaste
in mortis examine. | in the trial of death!

O Iesu dulcis, O Iesu pie, | O sweet Jesus, O holy Jesus,
O Iesu, fili Mariae. | O Jesus, son of Mary,
Miserere mei. Amen. | have mercy on me. Amen.
Tags: hymnary

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