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2001: A Space Odyssey is already on my "need to see it" list. Just need to find someone willing to watch it with me.

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Galaxyquest (The movie I would pick if I were only allowed one movie when stuck on a desert island!)
never seen it | need to see it | hate it | ugh | it was okay | LOVED IT | asdfghjkl

This is one of those movies my family borrowed from the public library multiple times until my parents decided we might as just well purchase it because we kept wanting to lend it to people/have it on hand for movie nights. I'll admit parts of the beginning are a bit cringey for me because I can't bear to watch people be drunk/stupid, but as soon as they're up in space it's just a marvelous ball of fun.

Growing up Star Trek was always kind of there in the background--a mixture of TOS, DS9, and mostly Voyager, all of which get their own nods along the way in the movie. And yet the characters and humor are all so well-written/acted that I'd say it can stand quite well entirely on its own.

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never seen it | need to see it | hate it | ugh | it was okay | LOVED IT | asdfghjkl

Actually, I've never even heard of it, as Korean films are mostly off my radar. But I've seen enough disaster movies to say, sure, why not. If someone asked me to watch this with them I'd be happy to. Especially if there was popcorn.

I'm sorry, I actually meant Avatar. The planet was called bad. That's what happens when answering emails after midnight.
Ah! That makes more sense.

It's a shame the storyline sounds like it's basically a remix of Ferngully, because the visuals are rather pretty. But I doubt it's one I'll ever get around to seeing.

Night of the Hunter
The Sting
Bill Cunningham New York
Beasts of the Southern Wild
The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
Ha--well, it's a big fat "haven't seen any of these", I'm afraid. Let me take a look at trailers and see what I think.

Yeah, I'd definitely watch this. I find the more stylized, theatrical effect of older movies makes it easier for me to watch stories that would otherwise be just ... too much.

Oh, this looks like a lot of fun.

I'm not really a documentary-watching gal, but my mom would enjoy it and I'd happily keep her company.

Okay, I gotta confess that one of the things that immediately prejudices me against a film is when the trailer keeps interrupting itself to tell me how awesome other people think it is, rather than trusting its own content to sell itself. Though again, this is totally the kind of movie my mom would watch, and ... I might watch it with her? But I have a hard time watching live-action movies with kids in the lead roles.

So dramatic! I suspect this would be the kind of movie I could enjoy muted--for the visuals--but with the dialog added in I'd spend the whole time wanting to slap or shake the characters. :P

Yeah, I'd watch this one. My dad would probably like it, too.
haha oh no, some really cringey trailers here! Which accords with the randomly terrible covers so many great movies have when you pick(ed) them up at Blockbuster. Would love to hear what you thought if you ended up watching any.
NoTH -- Extremely heightened style -- I think you'll get a kick out of 90% of the shot compositions and music and themes of good vs evil. A masterpiece!
The Sting -- I say no more for fear of overselling
Bill Cunningham -- utterly charming
Beasts otSW -- agreed on the trailer. I've been frightened to watch this again because its naive melancholies and griefs made me extremely emotional in the cinema for some irl reasons. The fantasy aspect was very powerful too. But not for everyone!
Melancholia -- haha yes it is extremely dramatic in the way that only an apocalyptic tale about depression manifest as a planet can be. Perfectly atypical structure. I know people who loved it and hated it. Many slappable characters! But that's partly the point. You might enjoy the use of Tristan and Isolde.
AOJJBTCRW -- Peak Roger Deakins! Can't go wrong.
Shin Godzilla 2016

Night Watch 2004
Day Watch 2006

The Last Seduction 1994

Labyrinth 1986

I think I saw the version with Matthew Broderick in it, but not this one. Not something I'd pick out on my own, but I don't mind a good disaster film, so it would be fine for a movie night with friends.

I'm kind of astonished I haven't seen these, honestly, given how many of this genre my family used to watch. I'd give them a go, sure, though I've lost some of my stomach for gore and violence over the years.

Eh, gotta say that this doesn't appeal to me at all. I need to like at least one of the characters if I'm going to commit to a movie--or else be charmed by the film's style of storytelling--and this looks like it doesn't have either of those factors.

I have this movie just about memorized, my sister and I watched it so often, and all these years later it still gets a big fat LOVED IT. You remind me of the babe. / What babe? / The babe with the power....
"Shin Godzilla" is very Japanese, so don't expect any of the tropes of US monster/disaster movies. On the other hand, it is much more realistic in terms of how a modern industrial society would actually respond to a challenge like that. Instead of the lone male hero plus screaming child/woman vs the monster, it's the Japanese bureaucratic -industrial complex vs the monster, with officialdom winning on points. No romance or "character development" but some nice inter-agency bonding. I enjoyed it a lot.

"The Last Seduction" I liked for its sheer ingenuity, and the suspense of seeing whether and how she gets away with it. It's a female-lead version of "The Talented Mr Ripley", basically.