Brat Farrar (bratfarrar) wrote,
Brat Farrar

"If I were a" game

via zmediaoutlet, trying to figure out what I'd be if I were a different kind of thing than I am. Not sure whether these are supposed to be "what would you like to be" or "what would you actually be", so it'll probably be a bit scatter-shot.

month: March, when the driveway's warm enough to sit on in the sun but the air's still cold and crisp
day: Sunday afternoon in the winter, when the sunlight stretches long across the room
planet: Mars, so I could be visited by friendly robots
god or goddess: Given the number of prisms I have hanging in my window, I'm going with Iris
sea animal: Octopus. If I can't have opposable thumbs, tentacles with suction cups seem like a decent consolation prize, as does the ability to squish yourself anywhere you want
piece of furniture: Comfy wingback chair
gemstone: This doesn't exactly count, but a geode
flower: Lamb's ear
weather: Early spring when the air is cold but the sun is warm and things are just starting to grow again
color: Sea/slate blue
emotion: Comfort
fruit: Apple
element: Earth and growing things
place: Home
taste: Beef stew
scent: Geranium
body part: Toes
pair of shoes: LL Bean Bar Harbor boots
Tags: meme/poll

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