"If I were a" game

via zmediaoutlet, trying to figure out what I'd be if I were a different kind of thing than I am. Not sure whether these are supposed to be "what would you like to be" or "what would you actually be", so it'll probably be a bit scatter-shot.

month: March, when the driveway's warm enough to sit on in the sun but the air's still cold and crisp
day: Sunday afternoon in the winter, when the sunlight stretches long across the room
planet: Mars, so I could be visited by friendly robots
god or goddess: Given the number of prisms I have hanging in my window, I'm going with Iris
sea animal: Octopus. If I can't have opposable thumbs, tentacles with suction cups seem like a decent consolation prize, as does the ability to squish yourself anywhere you want
piece of furniture: Comfy wingback chair
gemstone: This doesn't exactly count, but a geode
flower: Lamb's ear
weather: Early spring when the air is cold but the sun is warm and things are just starting to grow again
color: Sea/slate blue
emotion: Comfort
fruit: Apple
element: Earth and growing things
place: Home
taste: Beef stew
scent: Geranium
body part: Toes
pair of shoes: LL Bean Bar Harbor boots

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Long ago when I was in university, we would play versions of this as a parlour game. The person who was "It" would leave the room, come back, be given a noun, say, " black octagonal plate" (it was the 80s), and have to guess who was meant. Obviously only for groups who knew each other fairly well.
Oh, that sounds fun. I'll have to remember it for when we have a larger group of people over.