Fic fragment: Needs Must [original]

More from gentle_edgar--this time just a snippet of some "The Princess and the Fox" story that never got any longer.

"I wouldn't do that, if I were you," the fox told her. "They don't work the way you think they do."

"But then what am I to do?" the princess asked, half-despairing. Only half, though, for she had already walked across water and swum through fire, and she would not give up now. "There is no bridge, no rope, no stairway by which I might make my way across, and I cannot turn back."

"I didn't say you had any choice, just said I wouldn't do it if I were in your shoes." The fox blinked up at her guilelessly.

"I am not wearing any shoes," she pointed out, and ignored the fox's irritated cough. The wind ruffled and smoothed the feathers on the wings until it seemed the wings themselves moved. "Will these get me across the gorge?"

"Yes, but--" The fox fell silent when she lifted the wings off of the plinth.

"As you said, I have no other choice."

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The three-part series posted over at imaginarybeasts--though I really need to copy them over here, in case that community ever gets shut down now that it's no longer active.
I feel like I've come across bits and pieces of this story before...unless you have bits and pieces of another fable-esque story floating around as well...
No, that's mostly it--the three completed pieces are available at the link in my previous comment (just skip over "wade in the water", as it's an unrelated story).