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Anti-kudos meme

Borrowed from roxymissrose, via sholio, if I remember correctly: fics at the bottom of my AO3 statistical heap.

Miscellaneous fandoms:
- Discretion - Song of Roland - 2 | No surprise here--who's reading The Song of Roland fanfic? Pretty nearly no one, that's who. But I still like it--this was back during my hardcore drabble days, and this is a good example of how you can sketch a scene in a mere hundred words, if you try.
- As Alcestis - Harry Potter - 4 | Again, not really a surprise, as it's one of my very few stories with a "main character death" warning. I wrote this in response to a remarkably bad songfic off ye olde, combining the premise of that fic (Hermione inexplicably sings Harry back to life at his funeral) with that of the Greek myth where a king is granted a stay on death as long as someone who loves him offers their own life inexchange. That's one of the few Greek myths with a happy ending, courtesy of Hercules. No such luck here.
- Death of a Unicorn - or - With a Free Good Will - Original work - 5 | I'm shocked even five people read this thing, to be honest. In retrospect I can see how much it was influenced by certain personal events, and that gives the whole story a somewhat bitter edge. I do retain a bit of fondness, though--it's the only lengthy original fic I've ever managed to complete, and despite all the rough edges, there are still some bits I'm quite pleased with.
- Neither Malice Nor Matter / Best for Winter - The Winter's Tale - 5 (each) | No one reads fanfic for The Winter's Tale. Especially not drabbles. But the actual prose holds up well enough.
- Farewell to Candide - Stargate: SG-1 - 5 | It's short, it's mostly philosophy, what can you expect. While it's not something I'd write now, 10 years out of college, I can't see anything in it that I'd want to change.
- That March with Muffled Drum - Peter Pan - 5 | I grew up on the Mary Martin production of Peter Pan, singing "I won't grow up" with great glee. As an adult I can still see the appeal, but what a horrifying prospect it is, to never learn from your mistakes but instead live in the tyranny of the eternal now. But I can see how there wouldn't be much of an audience for that sort of fic.
- Harmonic - Stargate: Atlantis - 5 | Yeah, this one's just weird. And I wrote it during the mad frenzy of Sheppard/McKay slash fic, so no wonder this little piece about Teyla got completely ignored.
- If / And / Or - Stargate: Atlantis - 6 | This isn't even a proper fic. Hard to believe anyone read it.
- Most Illogical - Star Trek/Winnie the Pooh - 7 | Sometimes even crack fic can't find an audience.

- The Family That Showers Together - 4 | It's a tiny fic about a one-off guest character. Though it gave me an excuse to watch "Just My Imagination" a couple more times, so there's that. ;)
- Delivery Service - 6 | Wrote this for last summer's prompt meme, one of those cases where the fic presented itself to me in almost its entirety, so all I had to do was write it down. Always nice when that happens, though it clearly doesn't translate into popularity--but let's be honest: if I was writing for the kudos, I would've quit a very long time ago.
- Fun with Phonics7 | A fairly early fic, which I can definitely tell when rereading it. The characters aren't wrong, exactly, but they're also not quite right.
- Lament for Two Still Living - 9 | This might have been my very first 'real' SPN ... thing. It's a poem, not a fic.
- Technicolor Pachyderms - 9 | I watched the Dumbo song so many times for this, guys. So many times.
- Moveables - 9 | One of those fics that doesn't really feel like I actually wrote it, but there it is.
- One of These Days - 10 | So what do you think Dean's favorite joke would be?
- Tit for Tat - 11 | This was really a small gift to myself--I'm glad a few other people have also enjoyed it.
- And So, Jacuzzis - 12 | Because sometimes you just need to write a sonnet. Nobody reads poetry, but sometimes it just blossoms forth anyway.
- Two in the Bed - 13 | Another early one that doesn't quite work for me anymore, but you have to start somewhere, right?
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