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Fic: Sneaking Past the Censors [SG-1]

Another refugee from gentle_edgar:

Addressed to Washington, D.C.


Today I had what is quite possibly the most surreal experience ever. We (the team and I) wound up in a museum, of all places (and not a very well managed one, I must add--it was cringe-worthy). There was some idiot girl who wouldn't shut up, and for some reason everyone thought we were the bad guys. Oh, and apparently V almost blew us all up.

You probably would've done a much better job of pretending to be a somewhat unhinged rebel than I did. I don't think the hostages took me very seriously--and I have the feeling T was laughing at me most of the time.

Wish you'd been there.



Addressed to Colorado


I read the reports. Sounds like you kids had loads of fun. T was totally laughing at you. Also, according to him you've got some serious holes in that fancy education of yours. Next time I'm in town, we'll have to introduce you to the badass that is John McClane.

Tell V no more almost-blowing up my team.

Washington's still a bitch, but don't tell anyone I said that.

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