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Booklr Questionnaire #619

via zmedioutlet:
Reblog with your answers! Name the best book to read in the following places:

a. The beach
b. A comfortable chair in a coffee shop
c. A pretentious university library
d. By a window pane as it rains
e. In your bed with a reading light
a. The Singing Sands, by Josephine Tey, and I'm not saying that because of the title. Technically it's a murder mystery, but really it's a book about putting yourself back together while on vacation. Despite the title, the character spends almost no time on the beach but lots of time tromping around Scotland and London, so it's a good way to balance out the sticky scratchiness of a beach in summertime. Tey is something of an acquired taste, and this book is what got me interested in her (leading, eventually, to my current internet pseudonym).

b. For a coffee shop, you want something that you can put down when your coffee's finished or the friend you're waiting for arrives, so a collection of short stories is probably the way to go. Ficciones by Jorge Luis Borges would probably work pretty well for that, since his stories tend to be essay hybrids--they're not meant to be immersive the way a regular piece of fiction would be, so you also wouldn't be fighting the background chatter of the coffee shop the way you would with, say, Lord of the Rings.

c. Anything by Dr. Boli, as the covers look fairly classic but the contents are utter and delightful nonsense. The Crimes of Galahad is not exactly nonsense, but still delightful, and an interesting study in the question of ethics.

d. I'm going to go with Death of the Necromancer--a thick, reliable favorite that takes place in an overcast, fantastic early-victorian style city. Good for a long, comfortable read while wrapped up in a blanket next to a rain-beaten window. That, or any volume from Arthur Ransom's Swallows & Amazons series, as it seems appropriate to read about people mucking about in boats when the world is wet and you're stuck inside.

e. This seems to be mostly how I read, nowadays, so that makes it trickier to come up with one specific book. Hm. T. Kingfisher/ursulav's The Clocktaur War duology. Reading it in bed made me feel like a kid again, trying to decide whether I could afford to stay up for just one more chapter (and then inevitably staying up too late to finish the whole thing). Some inventive world-building, engaging characters, interesting adventure/mystery plot... good stuff to go to sleep on.
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