Swimming preferences

When I was a kid, we had an above-ground pool that my sister and I would spend very nearly all day in, with breaks only for meals and running to the bathroom. We stank of cholorine all summer and didn't care one bit. Now I find that my preference is for lake swimming, as long as the water's relatively clear and the bottom mostly sandy. (I've never been able to enjoy swimming in the ocean--too much sand getting everywhere.)

Preferred swimming options

Outdoor pool
Indoor pool
Hot springs
Something else I'll explain in the comments
None for me, thanks

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Speaking from a landlocked state! When I was a kid we moved to a small town where there were no swimmable streams or lakes (due to water that is either too cold or too fast) and the nearest pool was a hot spring resort about 50 miles away. Needless to say, I am not a great swimmer, so while I now live in a city with municipal pools, I only go occasionally. Still, it's an interesting question. I would love to at least take a walk in the ocean!
Ocean walks (in the off-season) are wonderful!

I commented to my mother when we were at the lake the other week that thanks to having grown up with the above-ground pool I a) can't really swim any recognizable strokes, but b) can pretty comfortably stay afloat almost indefinitely, which is probably a good skill to have, I suppose, though one that's hard to simply pick up as an adult.
That's me! I can dog paddle, and I used to do a decent frog kick. I took a lot of water aerobics when the kids were little, so I learned how to tread water there. That's about it. :-)