One final delay....

I want to make sure the fic is actually readable before posting, so it'll be up tomorrow. In the meantime, a video that fits my current (slight) obsession with survival games--it's so easy to forget just how long harvesting & processing takes when you have to do it all by hand:

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Well, I was going to complain about how she treated the puppy earlier in the vid but in the end she did give him something so I sort of forgive her.

Harvesting is a lot of work.
It sure is! And puppies are rather like toddlers--wanting to put everything in their mouths whether they should or not. ;)
Apart from the meat, this was beautiful to watch! I'm wondering what on earth those long green beans are. They are much longer than French beans.
I know--they're amazing! And actually the main reason why I picked this particular video to share. Their ridiculous size gives the whole thing a slightly whimsical air.