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Summertime and the living is easy...

Or at least distracting. I kind of feel like I'm functioning in three completely separate worlds/roles right now--the ebb and flow of work, where I alternate between scraping up things to do and being inundated, and the impending organizational move down to the city has everything sort of up in the air; home, where kitchen renovations spill disorder out into an increasing number of rooms and require me to do things like jam myself into a 1.5'x5'x2.5' space in order to replace the very defunct contact paper covering the cabinet shelves; and my virtual vacation in the land of Don't Starve, where I've managed to survive 3 full winters with increasing ease. Oh, and in between those things I'm trying to write in dribs and drabs and come up with other content for this blog.

A friend who happens to also be a coworker asked me how I'm feeling right now and the best word I could come up with was 'detached', and I think that's still pretty accurate. I've never really understood before how people can become addicted to computer games, but I find myself crawling further and further into Don't Starve because its complications are all things that can be looked up in the game wiki and don't require trying to coordinate/compromise/convince other people. It's very simple that way, and right now nothing else in my life is.

And of course there's family drama going on in the background--nothing involving me personally, but I'm in the position of trying to support someone who's trying to support someone else who is continually sliding further down the spiral of self-destruction. (Not to mention the current political craziness...!) There's so much in flux right now that I've pretty much reached full saturation, to the level that it's difficult to make myself care about anything larger than the very small tasks of finalizing the paint job on the door trim or trying to smooth out the wrinkles in the newly-applied contact paper.

As a small, sad footnote to all this, we seem to have lost one of our bantams, who really ought to have been named Houdini and had less good sense than God gave most chickens--so we knew her disappearance was probably coming, but still. She was a sweet thing and I wish we could've figured out how to keep her safe.

Anyhow, I don't do these sorts of posts much anymore because it always feels like it devolves into whining about what is by any measure a pretty wonderful life, but just in case I drop off the face of the earth (other than next week's scheduled vacation), I wanted there to be some explanation of what's going on with the current state of Brat.

(Man, I could really do with a year of jubilee right about now.)

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She was spending more and more time in the bushes, probably trying to hatch some eggs, and eventually just stopped coming when we called her. So maybe she wandered off, maybe a fox (or raccoon or cat or hawk or...) got her. No way for us to tell.
Heh, if this is your whining, I wouldn't worry! Sometimes it's just good to have somewhere to vent and some sympathetic people to vent upon. You've come to the right place.

Aw, sad to hear about your daft chicken.
Aw, thanks. I mostly feel bad for our other bantam who doesn't have a friend anymore, poor thing.
We did a kitchen remodel last winter's, so I feel your pain! Hang in there.
We're in the end stages, finally--just need to hang the cabinet doors and finish replacing the contact paper in the upper shelves. Not too bad.
I'm sorry so much of your life is in a state of flux right now, that can be so disheartening and frustrating. You don't sound like you're whining at all, just sharing what's going on with you and you're among friends, so you're allowed to share/vent as much as necessary!
Thanks for the encouragement! The kitchen's nearing completion, so things are getting a bit better in that arena, at least.