favorite frozen desserts

Recently had a chance to enjoy my favorite flavor of ice cream--oatmeal and brown sugar--and that got me wondering what flavors you all like. Or if you even like ice cream at all. There are people who don't, I've hear.

If you do like ice cream, what's your favorite flavor? What's the most exotic flavor you've tried?

If you don't like ice cream, do you have some other form of frozen desserts that you entoy?

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One summer Baskin-Robbins had 'Movie Theater Popcorn' ice was actually kind of tasty :)

It's hard to pick one favorite so can I say fudge brownie and moose tracks? Although basically I love any ice cream that has chocolate and has chewy chunks of something in it!
Hey, B. Have you ever had Tillamook's ice cream from Oregon?
Bet you'd love their Chocolate Mudslide....mmmm-mmm! Chocolate ice cream with big pieces of chocolate poured in. And it usually settles in a huge mass in the bottom of the carton and OMG....chocolate heaven!!!! :D
Peanut butter cup, strawberry, vanilla, pistachio, hazelnut, chocolate and a few others. So many good flavors.
I LOVE ice cream!!!! I used to have it every night before I went to bed, but those times have changed. :(

My favorites in general is anything with chocolate! YUM! The more, the better. Ha!
Here are more specific favorites:
- Tillamook's Chocolate Mudslide
- Umpqua made a really choclately ice cream, but I can't recall the name right now.
- Baskin Robbins Gold Medal Ribbon - vanilla and chocolate ice cream with caramel mixed in

But I'm not exclusive to chocolate. In a pinch I also enjoy...
Strawberry ice cream
Coffee ice cream
Salted Caramel ice cream
Anything with the words "fudge brownie" in it (again, back to that chocolate thing).

I am so glad I picked up some ice cream tonight, otherwise I'd be craving some after thinking of my favorites. Good timing! ;)
Haha--well, I hope you enjoy(ed) the ice cream! Salted caramel is nice, though our grocery stores to stock it as often as some of the other flavors.
Who doesn't like ice cream? Strange and perverted! LOL

My all time fave is proper Italian ice cream. And no matter where in the world - if they say it's Italian ice cream it's never anything like Italian ice cream in Italy.
My fave flavour is blackcurrant but it's really hard to find, even in Italy. After that I'd go for frutta de bosco, or lemon and basil (that was so wonderful but I've only ever seen it in Corniglia), or raspberry.

Most odd - probably green tea ice cream in Japan (not pleasant) or I did have a really weird ice lolly there - no idea what it was supposed to be, but it was a pinky-red and had dark red bits in it, that tasted like kidney beans.

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1. Peach and Homemade Vanilla by Blue Belle. Blue Belle is a Texan brand.
2. English Toffee by Braum's. Braum's is an Oklahoman brand.
I love ice cream with fruit chunks in it. or chunks of toffee. It's like caramel except it's crunchy not soft. I'm allergic to chocolate so I can't have it any more.
Love it! The goopier the better, thlugh these days if I have a chance for a drumstick, I'll probably take that over a simple dish.
Just throwing this in--at the Chicago Con last weekend Jensen said his favorite ice cream is Braum's cookies and cream :)
Mango and mandarin is one of my fave flavors, and it was just one of those cheapy own style ones from Lidl, but it was deliciousness personified :)
Talking of cheapy own brands, I recommend Iceland's own sorbet lollies - they do a box of 6, 3 mango and 3 raspberry and honestly, they are SO good. I love raspberry sorbet and Hagen Daas used to do one but Iceland's is just as good and less than half the price!