My parents started taking my sister and me to the state's official Shakespeare festival when I was around 12, and we've gone pretty much ever year since then. Tonight I'll be going to see Twelfth Night with a friend, and that has me wondering what your experience with/opinion of Shakespeare is?


Love him!
He's okay!
Loath him!

What's your experience with Shakespeare?

Assigned reading in school
Voluntary reading outside of school
Watching some movie versions of the plays
Seeing some live performances
Reading/enacting the plays with friends
Acting in at least one public production

Any favorites?

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Interesting that we have two votes for Winter's Tale as 'least favorite'. I would've expected something like Timon of Athens or Titus Andronicus (or Troilus & Cressida, which is a weird one).
Twelfth, TWELFTH, damned auto correct!

I quite like Troilus and Cressida because it's utterly oddball, lol.
The performance of Twelfth Night (and I always misspell "twelfth" at least once) I just went to was really delightful--the kind of thing where I wish I could get a recording of it, but so much of the magic is in the spontaneity of a live performance, y'know?
I do know. We have this amazing little set of castle ruins in a place called Bishops Waltham, I used to live there, and the very first open air live performance I saw of anything Shakespeare was performed there. It left such an impression I couldn't wait to go again.

I've actually seen Rufus Sewell playing Macbeth, live, and he was amazing!