My parents started taking my sister and me to the state's official Shakespeare festival when I was around 12, and we've gone pretty much ever year since then. Tonight I'll be going to see Twelfth Night with a friend, and that has me wondering what your experience with/opinion of Shakespeare is?


Love him!
He's okay!
Loath him!

What's your experience with Shakespeare?

Assigned reading in school
Voluntary reading outside of school
Watching some movie versions of the plays
Seeing some live performances
Reading/enacting the plays with friends
Acting in at least one public production

Any favorites?

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Midsummer Night's Dream - the play within the play always has me laughing so hard. I read that on my own and have seen the play on stage. The librarian at my daughter's school reads a rhyming version adapted by a group of lower school kids. It's fun to listen to the fifth graders try to keep track of all the characters. I love Puck's speeches. I had to read Macbeth, Julius Caesar, and Romeo and Juliet in school. I like the St. Crispin's Day speech (not in any of those) and Marc Antony's friends, Romans, countrymen monologue. Lady Macbeth is a fascinating character. Not as crazy about Romeo and Juliet but I took my kid and her friend to see a production of it where Mercutio was cast as a woman because she auditioned best for the part. It really worked well. Of all the ways to take in Shakespeare, seeing it on stage is the best way for me.
Shakespeare is definitely best on the stage--the state's official Shakespeare festival does some wonderful stuff every summer. They like to keep things fairly loose, with a fair bit of improved interaction with the audience, so that every performance is a fresh thing.

Midsummer Night's Dream is wonderful fun--Bottom & Co. in particular. :)