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  • Mousie minstral

    Drawn from a real-life figurine, at the challenge of a friend.

  • from the archives: A failed experiment

    So, this is from the time I just wanted to draw a cliff, and then tried to stick a waterfall behind it, and then stuck a paper boat at the bottom…

  • from the archives: Daisies

    The question keeping the turtle up at night was why the little dude had so many daisy costumes in the first place; a second, even more worrying…

I STILL really love this one, it's just so sweet and the way in which somehow you've managed to make it so the fire is clearly shining on his face, even though it's simple line art with no colours in it, very clever.
Aw, thanks. Looking at it makes me want to go back to working with just plain pencil for a bit--amazing what a difference it makes in the texture of the picture.
I think that's half the fun of different mediums, they bring out different aspects of a drawing but sometimes you crave the simplicity of pencil :)