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Reviews: Tron: Legacy; SPN 11.04

I remember watching the original Tron as a kid and wishing there was a sequel--and then, a decade or so later, there was! And it was pretty well worth the wait, in my opinion. Is the story a bit simplistic? Yes, but then so was the original. It has a decent heart, and some good lines, and the acting is generally solid. But the real strength is in the combination of music and visuals: Daft Punk was the perfect choice for the soundtrack, giving us music that fits with the look of the film, keeps everything rolling along, and creates this sense of vastness--possibilities and hopes. There are a couple of places in the movie where I tear up a little every time I watch it just because of the grandeur. And the visuals, of course, are truly spectacular, verging on outright masterpiece-level art at times. It also has one of my favorite closing scenes from a movie--one that's effective enough that I feel a little choked up just thinking about it. All in all, if you're looking for a fun, clean action movie, this one's great.

Also great--SPN's "Baby". I just rewatched it, and boy is it just plain delightful. Some of the little things about it that make me happy:

  • Dean's short-shorts and the way Sam shrugs them off after his initial surprise

  • (That Jensen acually wore short-shorts for filming; talke about dedication to your craft)

  • Sam with his smoothies

  • The way Dean checks through the window that Sam's really okay before leaving him and Piper to put themselves back in order

  • They're just so happy together in the car, bickering for the fun of it

  • The easy intimacy of their late-night chat

  • Dean's horror at having to let some stranger drive the car

  • Dean's delight over the portmanteau 'werepire' and Sam's disgusted refusal to use it

  • The head on the windshield wipers

  • The way Dean talks to the car when he's driving on his own

  • That he refers to Sam as "buddy" <3

I'm sure you all have your own little lists--feel free to share! ;D
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