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Review: SPN:TA 1.03

ETA: what the heck, LJ? I had a full review of the episode here when I posted this last night. Um. Don't feel like trying to reconstruct it, so here are the notes I took while watching the episode, instead.

  • this kid's voice is kind of off-putting

  • oh my goodness, this house has a warehouse in the basement

  • man, I am trying to cut this version of Sam and Dean some slack, but .... ugh

  • I'd probably like these more if they were just generic horror stories instead of having these facsimiles of the Winchesters

  • it's just--okay, at this point in the original show, we knew that Sam and Dean grew up on the road, knew that their mom had died in a fire, and some other stuff that gave "Home" some actual weight. In the anime we know nothing except that Sam's girlfriend died in a fire, Dean's a jerk, and they're driving around saving people from ghosts and trying to find their dad

  • it's just ... empty, emotionally

  • "you need to listen to me this time", Sam says, like Dean hasn't in the other two episodes, multiple times

  • ugh, this kid's voice

  • holy smokes, the Sam in this one doesn't know how Mary died

  • wow

  • in the abstract it's interesting--seeing what carries over and what doesn't--but so far none of these is worth rewatching or recommending to anyone

  • Missouri got a makeover

  • missouri.PNG

  • to make things even more confusing, she has a 'little old asian lady' voice

  • welp, it's more hard-core, I'll give it that

  • no weak-ass "locked the baby in the refrigerator" for this version of the poltergeist

  • nope, we're going straight to "burn the baby with a hot iron"


  • we just got a straight-up "love you, dad" from Dean

  • wow

  • current dialog: Mary - "I want you to know it was not I who called you here, and that it was the Evil One who killed me."

  • to which Sam's very sensible response is "what?"

  • ...and I think Mary just exorcised the 'Evil One'? not sure what the heck just happened

  • I will give the episode this much: Missouri is actually useful and not a jerk to Dean

  • hm--looks like the next episode is an original one. it'll be interesting to see if that means it works better

  • but that's for another day

  • for now, I'm going to go rewatch "baby" to wash this out of my head

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