Jury duty?

Waiting to find out if I have to make the long, traffic-congested trek to our county seat on Wednesday to do my civic duty. I'm really hoping not, but thinking about it has me a bit curious....

Have you ever served jury duty?

Nope (not eligible/applicable)
Nope (have been called up, but not needed)
Yes (didn't make it through jury selection)
Yes (actually served on a jury)

Feel free to offer advice if you have been called in at some point...

ETA: Oh thank goodness, they don't need me.

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I've never been called though I quite fancy it - even though the couple of people I know who have had to do it had a very boring time! It seemed to be mostly sitting around doing nothing, waiting for something to happen.
I know a few people who've landed on juries, but for the most part it does seem like it's largely just twiddling your thumbs.