Jury duty?

Waiting to find out if I have to make the long, traffic-congested trek to our county seat on Wednesday to do my civic duty. I'm really hoping not, but thinking about it has me a bit curious....

Have you ever served jury duty?

Nope (not eligible/applicable)
Nope (have been called up, but not needed)
Yes (didn't make it through jury selection)
Yes (actually served on a jury)

Feel free to offer advice if you have been called in at some point...

ETA: Oh thank goodness, they don't need me.

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I was recently summoned for Jury Service but had to decline due to my health problems, but if it had been a few years ago I would've wanted to do it. I think it would be an interesting experience, although trying to decide someone's guilt or innocence would be potentially difficult. Good luck :)
It's not so much the idea of jury duty that I mind as the logistics of getting to and from the courthouse, given its location.

(Sorry to hear about your health.)
I've never been called up, ever, but I am only 34, there's still time for them to irritate me with a week of sitting about being bored, and writing fic ;)
I get called up every other year, like clockwork. So far I've managed to not be needed--I'm hoping the streak continues.
I keep getting called up for jury duty in a county in California I haven't lived in in nine years... Which is especially ridiculous for the last five, as my permanent address is in Michigan, my driver's license is a Michigan license, and I'm registered to vote in Michigan, AND I'VE TOLD CALIFORNIA THAT I'VE SINCE MOVED MULTIPLE TIMES. EVERY TIME I'VE BEEN CALLED UP. And yet here we are. Annually called for California jury duty, but never in Michigan... By the time I get called in Michigan I probably won't be living there anymore. =_____=;;
Honestly, there's the biggest argument for cleaning up the voter rolls, as I'm pretty sure that's what they use to run the jury duty lottery.
I've never been called though I quite fancy it - even though the couple of people I know who have had to do it had a very boring time! It seemed to be mostly sitting around doing nothing, waiting for something to happen.
I know a few people who've landed on juries, but for the most part it does seem like it's largely just twiddling your thumbs.