Homeric epithets

This is fun--and courtesy of zmediaoutlet, of course:
What's Your Homeric Epithet?
If you were a character in Greek mythology, odds are Homer called you "lion-hearted Achilles" or "Ares, sacker of cities" or "Hector, breaker of horses" at least once every three sentences. And if you are not a character in Greek mythology, now you can find out what he WOULD have called you, had you possessed the good sense to be ancient, Greek, and fictional.
"You are bright-eyed Brat. Homer also used this epithet to describe Athena, the goddess of things like wisdom, diplomacy, war, and arts and crafts. Athena was the patron of Odysseus and helped him out of some tough spots, except for those times she just didn’t feel like it for some reason or another."

What sort of answers do you folks get? (Assuming the reason you're on LiveJournal and not Facebook isn't to avoid these silly sorts of quizzes.)

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I am also, apparently, a giant-killer. I cannot wrap my mind around that one...though I do think it's cool--and possibly even slightly appropriate--to be associated with Hermes. =)

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Ha, perhaps so. ;)

It would be fun to see the quiz mapped out, so you could see which answers led to each result.