Birds and words

I'm going to be conducting a small experiment over the next month or so--sharing a couple paragraphs each week of whatever fic is currently in the works, in an attempt to maintain some kind of forward moment. RL is being really distracting right now, but I'm hoping at a little big of ongoing feedback online will help me stay motivated to keep writing.

So here's a small piece from another glimpse of Sam and Dean growing up in the bunker:
Dean, on the other hand, is currently following John's orders and slowly leading Sam out to where the lake's deep enough for them to start paddling experimentally, their underwear reflecting bright against the dark water. John hadn't seen any point in buying them swim trunks, but once they're properly submerged it's not like anyone will be able to tell the difference.

Over the shrieks of the other kids, John can just make out Sam's complaints to Dean about how cold the water is, his voice shrill enough to carry across to where John's just finished laying out their camping gear, back underneath the treeline. "And the bottom feels all slimy!"

"Well, if you get deep enough to swim, you won't have to touch the bottom," Dean says, ever the ten-year-old voice of reason. Sam doesn't look much impressed, but he follows his brother in a little further, until they're up to their shoulders and there's a sudden yelp of shock from Sam, followed by a wild flurry of splashing--though Dean's obviously still solidly planted, so there's no actual danger.

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This does not endear John to me (though the 'not needing swim trunks' sounds accurate to his way of thinking...but I want to keeping reading about Sam and Dean...
Yeah, MoL!John is definitely a lesser father than canon!John was--thanks to being able to park his kids somewhere safe and out of view, so he could run around the country on his own a lot more. And his relationship with Sam and Dean suffers for it.

But I'm glad you're interested despite that. :)
This sounds like a great practice. We should all follow suit! XD

Love the description of the brightness of their underwear contrasted with the water. My sister went the underwear route on our latest roadtrip as well! Lovely little scene so far. <3333
Thanks! It's an interesting exercise to write in John's POV--haven't tried my hand at it before.
Such a little snapshot scene - I'm certainly looking forward to seeing more! Thanks for sharing :)