So much Subnautica, guys

Here the background blue got stripped out. I think the scanner's trying to be clever but is actually being stupid.

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Stingrays are so cool! I once spent nearly half an hour at the aquarium watching the ray pool--everyone else went on to look at the fancy fish, so it was just me and the rays having a placidly good time together.
I have fed them in quite a few places over the years and I love them. The smooth feel of them when they brush by. I had a fresh water one but it died. I had a hard time regulating the PH in the tank. Broke my heart.
Oh no--that's too bad! But also why I currently have an empty aquarium on my shelf--doesn't feel right to buy any more fish given my track record in keeping them alive.
Yeah, I wouldn't want to do that again. I felt really bad and I was checking the PH at least 4 times a day and I just couldn't get it to balance.