A random question meme

As usual, via zmediaoutlet:

What’s your favorite song(s) to sing/hum? Probably "Come all you fair and tender ladies"--I sang it a lot to my oldest niece when she was small and inconsolable. And I can still sing the entire tenor line of "O Praise the Lord of Heaven" (with bridging bits from other parts) at the drop of a hat--one of my favorite choral pieces I've ever performed.

What’s your favorite flower/tree/plant? Lamb's ear! It's so soft and fuzzy, and the bumblebees love the flowers, even though they are kind of bloppy-looking.

Favorite colors? Blue and white, especially when we're talking china patterns.

What do you always doodle? I have an entire tag documenting the answer to this question, but in brief: turtles and little dudes and trees and porcupines. Sometimes snails and birbs as well.

How do you take your coffee/tea? I don't. I'll drink chai on occasion, but it has to be the real thing, not just a "chai" tea bag dunked in boiling water. (I got served that at a genuine tea house one time, and it was one of the most disappointing experiences I've ever had. Made me want to just get up and walk out, but I was with a bunch of other people and so had to stay put.)

Favorite candle scent? Beeswax. Or none. I've yet to meet a scented candle that didn't give me a headache within 10 minutes.

What perfume do you wear? The Memory of Kindness by I Hate Perfume, which is a lovely herbal smell (and their Outside scent during summer to keep the mosquitoes off).

What’s your go-to dance move when you’re alone? Bastardized ballet moves, I suppose, but mostly barre-work while I'm doing stuff like brush my teeth.

Favorite quote? Hmmmm. I'll go with one of the first I ever wrote down, from Tolkien's The Two Towers, bk. 3, ch. 2:

Eomer: "How shall a man judge what to do in such a time?"
Aragorn: "As he ever has judged. Good and evil have not changed since yesteryear; nor are they one thing among elves and dwarves and another among men. It is man's part to discern them...."

Favorite self-care routine(s)? Brushing and braiding my hair, I suppose. It can be very soothing if I'm not on a tight deadline. Alternately, this one little morning tai chi routine I have memorized--leaves everything feeling very loose and open and energized.

Fuzzy socks or house slippers? Bare feet whenever temperatures allow; otherwise just plain old socks. (Usually knee socks in the winter months.)

What color are your eyes? Hazel. Apparently I got many comments on them when I was small; people are either more polite or more distanced nowadays.

What’s your favorite eye color on others? Uh. Anything that's not bloodshot, I guess.

Favorite season? Fall, I guess--you get the soft end of summer, and the promising bite of winter, and the leaves are spectacular around here.

Cheek, neck, or nose kisses? ...Mostly shoulders, actually.

What does your happy place look like? My bedroom (when it's tidy) in the afternoon, when there's rainbows and reflected light all over my ceiling and the stained glass window is all lit up and lovely.

Favorite breed of dog? BOUVIER DES FLANDRES. They look like enormous bear cubs and don't shed and they smell nice even when they're wet and they like to sleep on your feet and some days I really miss our old dog because he was just an enormous sweetheart. I'm going to get another puppy as soon as my job changes so I can work from home.

Do you ever want to be married? If so, what colors would you pick for your wedding theme? Yes? Theoretically? The problem is mainly that a) I have yet to collect any viable suitors and b) I love being with my parents so much it's kind of hard to imagine moving out. Maybe he could move in with us. And I don't care about colors--whatever flowers are in season, I suppose. I'm partial to peonies, but they bloom for only a couple weeks each year.

Cursive or print? Depends on what I'm using to write with. Pencil and fountain pens tend to be very neat block print, while ballpoint inevitably turns into bastardized cursive.

Favorite weather? The end of winter when the driveway heats up in the sun so you can sprawl on it comfortably while the air is still just a bit frigid. Just enough cloud cover so you can watch it sail along, but not enough to obscure the sun and turn everything cold again.

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WHAT'S WRONG WITH BLOODSHOT EYES????? XDDD As someone who also has hazel eyes (but had much darker eyes when I was little) I can confirm peoples' odd fascination with this color eye. It's very weird and random??
Maybe because different lighting/surrounding colors can make the hazel eyes look different? I don't know. Just glad I don't have people commenting on them anymore, because I never knew what to say in response. "Thanks, everyone thinks they're rad"?