...The barn's actually red, but something funky happened with the colors when it got scanned.

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Very cute. The only red I see is the 2 sticks but it's more a red brown?
In the original it's a very bright red, so it's definitely the scanner doing something funky.
Oh my, can I just reiterate I wanna OWN all of these, because they are glorious! ♥
It's .... in the works. Very slowly, as things are kind of crazy IRL at the moment, but I do have tentative plans for how to make something that a) can be bought, and b) is worth buying. But: I made a promise to you last year, and I will at the very least have a solid timeline by the end of this year.
*claps* No rush, just when you have I'd love to be able to buy a copy :) There's very few simply whimsical and lovely things out there in the world that just make me smile, this would be one of those rare things :)