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  • Mousie minstral

    Drawn from a real-life figurine, at the challenge of a friend.

  • from the archives: A failed experiment

    So, this is from the time I just wanted to draw a cliff, and then tried to stick a waterfall behind it, and then stuck a paper boat at the bottom…

  • from the archives: Daisies

    The question keeping the turtle up at night was why the little dude had so many daisy costumes in the first place; a second, even more worrying…

You didn't have any other meanings in mind when you mentioned flower crown did you?
Uh, no? I have no idea what other meanings would even be possible. Just referencing the meme of photo-shopping flower crowns on everyone regardless of whether they'd actually wear them or not.
It made me think of crown of thorns. I was a religion major in college. It sneaked out of my subconscious I guess.

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