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Give me a character and I’ll answer

  • do I like them:

  • 5 good qualities:

  • 3 bad qualities:

  • favourite episode/etc:

  • otp:

  • brotp:

  • ot3:

  • notp:

  • best quote:

  • head canon:


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Hm... think I'm going to go with just John as the two of them don't function as a single unit the same way the Winchesters do.

do I like them: Yes! Otherwise I wouldn't have written all that fic about him. :)
5 good qualities: Loyalty, perseverance, selflessness, ability to make the best of a situation, can fly anything. ;)
3 bad qualities: the selflessness verges on suicidal at times, tendency to annoy those in authority over him, he's not great at the whole ... cultural sensitivity thing.
favourite episode/etc: Hm. "Quarantine", maybe? Bonding with Teyla, guessing Rodney's password, free-climbing up the outside of the main spire....
otp: John & either the puddle jumpers or Atlantis
brotp: Totally John and Ronon--Rodney's his friend, Ronon's his bro.
ot3: Hmmmm.... I was never really interested in non-canonical relationships, but probably my favorite of those few involved Ronon and Teyla taking care of him after some tech/virus went after people with the ATA gene and really screwed him up (I think those with artificial genes didn't even survive....)
notp: Kolya? I don't know. There's probably someone who could write it in an interesting and compelling way.
best quote: Neera: The Wraith will not allow us to escape. // Maj. John Sheppard: Yeah, well, I try not to let them tell me what I can and can't do. // Neera: [surprised] You do not fear them? // Maj. John Sheppard: The Wraith? Naah. Now clowns - that's another story. Scare the crap out of me.
head canon: I think miss_porcupine is the one who sold me on this, but that John has some kind of actual mental connection with Atlantis. Limited and clumsy, maybe, but more than what the show ever explores.
Thank you hon, I enjoyed what you said.

On the last, no one had to sell me on John's connection with the city. They exploited it a few times in the beginning of the first season but as TPTB started growing their ego and the big boss' ego grew to watermelon proportions, the stories moved away from that aspect. Thank God we have some great writers out there who wrote great stories of John and his uber gene.
Yeah, as much as I appreciate Rodney as a character, he kind of ... took over, maybe because he functioned as an avatar for the writing team. It's easy to speculate, but I do think it upset the show's overall balance a bit.
Yes, sort of but then it became the Jennifer Keller show. They pushed out the Beckett and Weir characters. I'm sure if they could have gotten away with getting rid of Flanigan's character without getting their heads handed to them they would have.
Yes, but Rodney had an actual character arc across the show as a whole. I could never figure out if they were even trying to give John one after the first season--outside a few individual episodes.