Character meme

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Give me a character and I’ll answer

  • do I like them:

  • 5 good qualities:

  • 3 bad qualities:

  • favourite episode/etc:

  • otp:

  • brotp:

  • ot3:

  • notp:

  • best quote:

  • head canon:


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Ha--okay, off the bat I'm afraid some of these are just not going to apply, but I'll answer the rest of them.

do I like them: Yes! Took me an episode or two to figure out how they were going to spin him, but now I think he's a darling boy who's trying his hardest to do what's right, even though things are really confusing sometimes. Kelly did a good job raising him, despite never getting to meet him face-to-face.
5 good qualities: He's generous, kind, dedicated, selfless, and optimistic.
3 bad qualities: His naivete can make him very dangerous, he still lacks self-control (which again can make him very dangerous), and his moral compass and direction are kind of dependent on others---or to rephrase, he's still awfully young. But he has no glaring vices that I've noticed so far. (except that his naivete can sometimes make me cringe a little too hard to watch a scene, but that's my failing, not his)
favourite episode/etc: Hm. Haven't finished the season yet, but the one with the therapist is good--he just wants to see his mother. <3
otp: Jack & nougat 4evar.
brotp: Not exactly brotp, but he's so sweet with Sam--looks up to him and wants his approval.
ot3: Erm. Now that he and Dean are getting along, I could see him hanging out at the bunker, just the Winchesters and their kind of weird not-nephew. That could work.
notp: Jack and anyone in a romantic/sexual relationship. He's still just a baby!
best quote: Um. "I like nougat" is kind of fun to pair up with "I like... cocaine". He doesn't quite have the same way with words as some of the other characters on the show.
head canon: Okay, I mostly don't do headcanon, but ... as I touched on in the ot3 answer, in a wolrd without all the cosmic craziness centered on the Winchesters, it's fun to imagine him settling in with Sam and Dean, with the bunker the closest thing he's ever had to a home. Probably always a little off from the rest of society, just because of his bizarre upbringing, but happy, and doing what he can to help others.
He's still a very new character, so it's a little tricky to answer some of these, but it was a fun little exercise.