Character meme

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Give me a character and I’ll answer

  • do I like them:

  • 5 good qualities:

  • 3 bad qualities:

  • favourite episode/etc:

  • otp:

  • brotp:

  • ot3:

  • notp:

  • best quote:

  • head canon:


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Both seems like an excellent option. :D

do I like them: YES :D :D :D
5 good qualities: They always forgive each other; they'll both throw themselves in harm's way to protect others without hesitation; each just wants the other to be happy (and alive); their general competency--they're good at stuff, and the show usually allows them to be good at stuff things consistently.
3 bad qualities: They can't let each other go; each tends to forget how his self-sacrifice will affect the other; they're a bit overly-casual about theft, I guess?
favourite episode/etc: :laughs herself sick: Oh man, that's impossible to answer. Depends on my mood, I guess. But I've probably seen "Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie", "Ask Jeeves", and "The Werther Project" the most number of times. Oh, and "Mystery Spot".
otp: Just the two of them. <3
brotp: Well, really, same here.
ot3: The two of them and the car. :P Though one of my sadnesses was that Sam couldn't see how good a friend Benny was until it was too late.
notp: Lies/keeping secrets. (Come on guys, it never works out well.) Just as well they seem to finally be past that for the most part.
best quote: :laughs some more: I can't, sorry. I'd be here all day, there are just so many hilarious/heartbreaking exchanges. ETA: how about everything in this tag: brothers being brothers
head canon: They spend a lot of time in the car just happily bickering over completely pointless topics, like movie/TV remakes and which fast food chain has the best fries.

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