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Let me talk a little bit about the Kittens Game

I'm not going to link to it because it's the kind of game that can kind of eat you, but I've been playing the Kittens Game for around 3 weeks now, and it's kind of amazing. Like some of the other games I've mentioned here in the past, it's an incremental resource-accumulation game: you start off by manually gathering catnip (through a button interface; there are absolutely no graphics), eventually mechanize that process, and then gradually purchase upgrades and new technologies and other fun stuff to slowly build a galactic kitten empire. I'm on year 1847 and already have flown missions to the moon and the planet Dune, which is rad. I've also sacrificed 1.42 million unicorns, but hey--omlette, eggs, what can you do?

The fascinating thing about this game is just how huge it is, to the point where it's designed for you to reset multiple times in order to unlock additional options, and the longer you play, the weirder things get, apparently. Right now things are still fairly 'normal', aside from all the unicorn sacrifices and the random dimensional rifts that drop unicorns into the middle of my kitten civilization, but if you keep going long enough you get options like "unicornmancy", "black codex", "anachronomancy", "void space", cryptotheology, and "paradox theory". I'm a long ways off from those things still, but I'm kind of looking forward to finding out what they actually do. I can look them up in the game wiki, but it's very ... laconic.

It's also fun in that it's the kind of game that's best played by going away and doing other stuff for a while, coming back, checking whether your resource caps have been hit and whether you can build/buy anything new, and then going away again. There's something kind of relaxing about that.

...Also, there are random geeky references. After completing the Dune mission, I now have the option to harvest "spice". Pretty sure there are some others that I've just missed or haven't yet encountered.

Anyway. This is just my not-excuse for yet again not finishing up the last bit of that fic where Dean's been cursed so he can't see/hear/touch anyone. I am working on it, I promise, it's just ... slow.
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