star wars!

have I mentioned how much I love the original Star Wars?

Was going to write this evening, but wound up assembling a Star Wars-themed housewarming gift for a good friend, instead. So here's the space battle from Return of the Jedi because I spent a very long time as a child desperately wanting to be a cool x-wing pilot like Luke and Wedge. The Christmas I finally got the Lego x-wing set was a giddy one indeed.

All these years later, this sequence still works--even knowing the ending, I find myself on the edge of my seat.

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Me too! And I like the new ones too, they're actually interesting (once you get over the little quirks like the idea that planets only have one environment, and solar systems that are close enough that sub-lightspeed flight can get you from one to another within days rather than years). Though with age I find myself somewhat more ambivalent about its, shall we say, unconsidered moral basis.

And Han Solo most definitely shot first.
I'll admit that while I greatly admire the aesthetics of the new movies, they've kind of left me cold--none of the stories have strong enough character arcs for me remain engaged. However, I'm glad that others are enjoying them!

The prequels definitely cast the original trilogy into a different light--though it's one of those things where I can't tell whether or not that was deliberate on Lucas's part. In any case, the whole thing is an interesting look at corruption, decay, and rebirth on a large scale, especially when considered along with what I consider the "real" sequel trilogy, which is Timothy Zahn's "Heir to the Empire" books. However, my heart remains with the battered but unbowed rebellion that we were first introduced to all the way back A New Hope ... especially the x-wing pilots. ;)
Oh, and not only did Han shoot first, he did it so decisively that Greedo never had a chance to get a shot off in return.

(Thank you for that information, Harmy's Despecialized Edition!)
Every one on the planet should love the original SW if they don't they are dumb ;)
I LOVE them so MUCH!!!!!

(saw the SOLO midnight screening last night - it was way better than i expected it to be and i love that the main star is a past SPN guest star wheeeee)
<3 <3 <3

I find myself falling in love with them all over again, now that I can watch them without all the junky added CGI in the way. They're just such gorgeous films, and funny, and sweet, and excellent space battles and all.....

(always nice when an SPN alum gets to shine on the big screen)