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Haven't seen Lucifer and I'm far more familiar with the original Hawaii 5-0, so that's what you're getting. ;)

Push off a cliff: Castiel, since he wouldn't be significantly damaged by the fall.
Kiss: I definitely thought Danny Williams was cute when I was a teenager.
Marry: Steve McGarrett? I think I could be a decently supportive cop's wife if needed. Though that might make the kiss with Danny a bit awkward. ;)
Set on Fire: Lucifer, with napalm and holy oil and a vengeance.
Wrap a Blanket around: Dean. He's had a hard life, and I'd like to give him a little break from it. Maybe feed him some fried mac & cheese bites from our local deli.
Be Roommates with: Rowena? By default? It would probably be pretty easy, since it seems like she spends most of her time out and about. Also, she's the only girl on the list, so there's that to consider....