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Okay, so, nigeltde is cruel and asked for the wives of Henry VIII, so ... I'll give it my best shot. This is relying entirely on Wikipedia's thumbnail bios.

Push off a cliff: Jane Seymour? Since the accepted theory seems to be that she helped oust Anne Boleyn, leading to her execution.
Kiss: Not really interested in any of them, but ... Anne Boleyn? I don't know.
Marry: Anne of Cleves, since she seems like she would've been down for a "platonic marriage"-type of situation.
Set on Fire: Catherine Howard, for no crime other than being a complete nonentity on the Wikipedia page.
Wrap a Blanket Around: Catherine of Aragon, since it must be hard to be divorced by a husband who repeatedly says he loves you but then decides a male heir is more important--especially when you're the first one to which this happens. All the other wives were forewarned about this being a possibility.
Be Roommates with: Catherine Parr, since she apparently was the best stepmother possible, given the situation, and made sure that Henry's daughters were made part of the line of succession and everything, and tried to make the royal court an actual family home.
I'm cackling - poor Catherine Howard! Given that we now have Evidence that Anne B looked suspiciously similar to Natalie Portman I think that is a very good choice. And I am kinda touched by your thoughts on the last two. What a bonkers time in history.
Seriously! It was actually kind of fun to have a reason to look at these ladies as separate individuals instead of just the usual "Henry VIII's six wives" as a group.