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zmediaout asked for the OG Star Trek crew.

Push off a cliff: ....Um. I don't want to push any of them of a cliff, but Spock does have rocket boots in the awful fifth movie, so maybe him?
Kiss: I know it's a cliche, but I kind of have to go with Kirk--just to be able to say that I'd done so.
Marry: Scotty--despite his faults he's a good dude, and I like a guy who can repair stuff. (Also, it's kind of astonishing how much he has in common with my real life Scottish neighbor, who's a good husband and father and also handy with plaster and paint.)
Set on Fire: I don't want to set Sulu on fire, but I don't have any better options. Sorry, Sulu!
Wrap a Blanket around: Chekov, because he's kind of adorable. Hopelessly brainwashed by Soviet Russian propaganda, of course, but he does try hard.
Be Roommates with: Uhura, obviously. We could play music together during our time off, and she's pretty good at staying calm in a crisis.