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Okay, this is easier than I originally thought it would be.

Push off a cliff: Harry Potter, because he has a broomstick and can just fly out of the situation.
Kiss: Aragorn, I guess? Though given his steadfast love for Arwen, it would probably be a kiss of fealty or something. I'd be down with that.
Marry: Faramir, obviously. There's no downside to that relationship, aside from getting between him and Eowyn, so for the purposes of this meme we're pretending she winds up very happily with someone else.
Set on Fire: Hermione, because we know the wizarding world has spells to counteract that
Wrap a Blanket around: Sam&Dean, because it varies depending on what's happening on the show at the moment
Be Roommates with: Sam&Dean, since Sam would help me organize all my books and Dean would help with the chores and make me delicious burgers. Though apparently he can't be trusted to keep the refrigerator cleaned out properly.