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Okay, this is easier than I originally thought it would be.

Push off a cliff: Harry Potter, because he has a broomstick and can just fly out of the situation.
Kiss: Aragorn, I guess? Though given his steadfast love for Arwen, it would probably be a kiss of fealty or something. I'd be down with that.
Marry: Faramir, obviously. There's no downside to that relationship, aside from getting between him and Eowyn, so for the purposes of this meme we're pretending she winds up very happily with someone else.
Set on Fire: Hermione, because we know the wizarding world has spells to counteract that
Wrap a Blanket around: Sam&Dean, because it varies depending on what's happening on the show at the moment
Be Roommates with: Sam&Dean, since Sam would help me organize all my books and Dean would help with the chores and make me delicious burgers. Though apparently he can't be trusted to keep the refrigerator cleaned out properly.
zmediaout asked for the OG Star Trek crew.

Push off a cliff: ....Um. I don't want to push any of them of a cliff, but Spock does have rocket boots in the awful fifth movie, so maybe him?
Kiss: I know it's a cliche, but I kind of have to go with Kirk--just to be able to say that I'd done so.
Marry: Scotty--despite his faults he's a good dude, and I like a guy who can repair stuff. (Also, it's kind of astonishing how much he has in common with my real life Scottish neighbor, who's a good husband and father and also handy with plaster and paint.)
Set on Fire: I don't want to set Sulu on fire, but I don't have any better options. Sorry, Sulu!
Wrap a Blanket around: Chekov, because he's kind of adorable. Hopelessly brainwashed by Soviet Russian propaganda, of course, but he does try hard.
Be Roommates with: Uhura, obviously. We could play music together during our time off, and she's pretty good at staying calm in a crisis.
Castiel, Lucifer (can be from Supernatural or Lucifer), Steve McGarrett, Danny Williams, Dean Winchester & Rowena

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Haven't seen Lucifer and I'm far more familiar with the original Hawaii 5-0, so that's what you're getting. ;)

Push off a cliff: Castiel, since he wouldn't be significantly damaged by the fall.
Kiss: I definitely thought Danny Williams was cute when I was a teenager.
Marry: Steve McGarrett? I think I could be a decently supportive cop's wife if needed. Though that might make the kiss with Danny a bit awkward. ;)
Set on Fire: Lucifer, with napalm and holy oil and a vengeance.
Wrap a Blanket around: Dean. He's had a hard life, and I'd like to give him a little break from it. Maybe feed him some fried mac & cheese bites from our local deli.
Be Roommates with: Rowena? By default? It would probably be pretty easy, since it seems like she spends most of her time out and about. Also, she's the only girl on the list, so there's that to consider....
Okay, so, nigeltde is cruel and asked for the wives of Henry VIII, so ... I'll give it my best shot. This is relying entirely on Wikipedia's thumbnail bios.

Push off a cliff: Jane Seymour? Since the accepted theory seems to be that she helped oust Anne Boleyn, leading to her execution.
Kiss: Not really interested in any of them, but ... Anne Boleyn? I don't know.
Marry: Anne of Cleves, since she seems like she would've been down for a "platonic marriage"-type of situation.
Set on Fire: Catherine Howard, for no crime other than being a complete nonentity on the Wikipedia page.
Wrap a Blanket Around: Catherine of Aragon, since it must be hard to be divorced by a husband who repeatedly says he loves you but then decides a male heir is more important--especially when you're the first one to which this happens. All the other wives were forewarned about this being a possibility.
Be Roommates with: Catherine Parr, since she apparently was the best stepmother possible, given the situation, and made sure that Henry's daughters were made part of the line of succession and everything, and tried to make the royal court an actual family home.
I'm cackling - poor Catherine Howard! Given that we now have Evidence that Anne B looked suspiciously similar to Natalie Portman I think that is a very good choice. And I am kinda touched by your thoughts on the last two. What a bonkers time in history.
Seriously! It was actually kind of fun to have a reason to look at these ladies as separate individuals instead of just the usual "Henry VIII's six wives" as a group.