Oh frabjous day!

My new gaming laptop arrived earlier this afternoon.

I'm going to try to finish the "itty MoL!Sam runs off the local county fair without telling Dean" fic tonight, but it's going to be hard, guys.

It's going to be really really hard.

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(And then I fell asleep while working on the fic--but I really was working on it, so I shan't feel too bad about the delay.)
I've been doing it for a while, but my poor not-at-all-for-gaming laptop just doesn't have the power to handle the graphics properly for a lot of things. So now I have two of them and am planning to keep both for as long as this one continues to run--it still has the best keyboard I've ever used, and is fine for doing everything except high-quality graphics games.

But! I can finally play Subnautica! Which makes me very happy.
I got to customize the color scheme. It was pretty rad.

Here's someone else doing it:

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