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Let's see, without clicking through to see the episode details...

1 - "Home", season 1
2 - "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid", season 5
3 - "Houses of the Holy", season 2
4 - Not sure, but I think that's Amara from season 11
5 - "Jus in Bello", season 3
6 - "Croatoan", season 2
7 - One of the first three episodes from season 10
8 - "Appointment in Samara", s6
9 - No idea, but an earlier season, based on the coloring
10 - "Death Takes a Holiday", s4


Welp, I was wrong about 4, but got the rest of them okay.
I can't even remember episode names any more either, it's all too much. Plus I don't watch with the same focus I used to. :D
I could tell they were from different episodes but I doubt I could have named them with 14 years worth of eps.
I've spent so much time staring at them and making sure they were correctly labeled, I'm kind of glad to see most of it's stuck with me.