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Hee--yes. I'll admit that several promotions in the intervening years have left me rather less time for doodling during work.
Well damn it, that alone might have made me decide to go back to being a non promoted person, lol.
Pft, maybe. Oddly enough, it's mostly less stressful--probably because I now have the option of delegating the overflow instead of going mad trying to do everything myself. (A lot of the doodling was basically just me trying to ward of a nervous breakdown.)
That I completely understand - I used to do the same thing in reverse when I was working Tills in Tescos. I'd take a piece of receipt paper and doddle or I'd write fic notes, and hope no one found the roll (which they did once, LOL) so that I could stave off insanity making boredom.
Ha, yes--I had a round of that earlier this week, having to listen to a vendor finish out their hour-long spiel even though it was pretty clear within 15 minutes that their product was significantly inferior to the others that we were looking at.

The results of that bit of tedium will be posting in a week or two ;)