Poll: Car sickness

Since I still have upset stomachs on my mind (it's going to be a while before I can look happily upon a Hawaiian pizza, I'm afraid), a simple question for you all:

Do you get car sick?

I used to, but now I don't
I didn't used to, but now I do
I bet Robin's thrown up in the Batmobile at least once

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I guess to be more specific, I don't get carsick unless I'm reading in the car (maps, texts, cell phone games, etc. all count, not just full-on books). On the BUS, however, I get carsick pretty much immediately upon entering, regardless of whether I am doing anything or not. =____=
I'm fine reading anything except, apparently, a laptop. Books, magazines, comics etc - all fine.
Ha, interesting--it's the reverse for me. I can actually do stuff on a tablet/laptop for a little while. Reading things in printed form is a major no-go, though.
I realized after posting the poll that I probably should've added that nuance--I'm the same way with reading in the car, though I don't seem to have the same problem on larger forms of transport (including buses).
No I'm never been carsick, but I remember a rather rough ferry trip when I was little...

(hope you feel better soon)
I'm mostly recovered--just a few aftereffects as my intestines try to adjust to having been so thoroughly emptied out...
I've said no, but I did get car sick once - when I was in the back seat of a friend's car and tried to use my laptop. For some reason that made me feel really queasy, but that's the only time it's ever happened.
I have never gotten sick and can read anything in the car but I do find that being in certain cars can make
me feel like I want to be sick. In that case I open the window or turn the air on.
Yes, I know exactly what you mean about certain cars. In my case I think it's usually the smell that makes triggers it.