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Recommendation: The Mill and the Cross

The Mill and the Cross is by turns one of the most beautiful and brutal, grim and hopeful movies I've ever seen. The focus and premise of the movie is Bruegel's masterpiece The Procession to Calvary; it's a meditation on art, religion, and mankind. There isn't really a story, at least, not as we usually think of it. We move through the events behind the painting, both internally and externally, but there's no real plot, just a series of events happening and being contemplated. It's both unsettling and deeply moving, as well as a visual feast for the eye.

I know some people like to watch Mel Gibson's The Passion on Good Friday; I'd recommend this as a very different, very thoughtful alternative. (Though definitely not for the fair-of-heart; there are some very unpleasant deaths, though they're not lingered on.)

A collection of disordered clips that gives some sense of the whole:

The actual crucifixion:
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