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Nicknames: Just Brat, pretty much
Gender: female
Star Sign: Uh, let me go look it up. ...Leo? Apparently?
Height: 5'5"
Time: 8:36 PM
Birthday: August 5
Favorite Bands: Steeleye Span, The Fellowship, Simon & Garfunkle, Over the Rhine, The John Renbourn Group, Pomplamoose
Favorite Solo Artists: I'm sure there's someone else, I'm just drawing a blank.
Song stuck in your head: "Immigrant Song"--thanks, Thor: Ragnarok
Last movie you watched: ...uh, Thor: Ragnarok. Before that, Tangled.
Last show you watched: Depending how you count it, either Psych with my mom or Supernatural on my own.
When did you create your blog?: 12 years? 13? Something like that.
What do you post?: Sunday - sacred music; Monday - poetry; Tuesday - review/essay/something similar; Wednesday - screen cap spam; Thursday - theoretically fic, but half the time it's something random from YouTube; Friday - meme/poll; Saturday - doodle. Fandom-wise, mostly Supernatural, with occasional Stargate: Atlantis fics and then just random stuff.
Last thing you googled?: "How does Discord make money?"
Do you have other blogs?: None that are active at the moment, though I'll probably be restarting Secretly Rembrandt soon.
Why did you choose your URL?: "refrigerator_magnet" was already taken, and "Brat Farrar" was the most recent book I'd read. It's worn surprisingly well over the years.
Favorite colors?: Blue & white, if we're talking china patterns.
Average hours of sleep?: 7-8
Lucky numbers: Um. 5 and 8 keep popping up, but I don't know that I'd call them "lucky".
Instruments: Piano and recorder.
What are you wearing?: Rose-patterned pyjama bottoms, brown corderoy, and my Relaxalotl t-shirt
How many blankets do you sleep with?: It's winter, so 4.
Dream Job: Part-time, something that lets me think about fic while I'm doing it, and doesn't leave me completely worn out by the end of the day.
Dream Trip: I'd love to go back to Iceland--or maybe take my one friend back to Scotland, since she did her master's there and would be an awesome tour guide.
Ethnicity: DayGlo white, I guess.
Favorite song right now: "In a Week" by Hozier, probably
Put your music library on shuffle. What are the first 6 songs that popped up?:
(Confession: I totally cheated on this so it wasn't 85% The Fellowship)
1. Sleepy Maggie - Ashley MacIsaac
2. Verse to Elbereth Gilthoniel - The Fellowship
3. John Barleycorn - The John Rebourn Group
4. Firiel's Song - Martin Romberg
5. A King There Was - Ted Nasmith
6. Another Day - Pomplamoose

Grab a book nearest to you and turn to page 23. What is line 17?:
"...monstrously sophistical ground that the humans thought them" – from The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis
Who is your celebrity crush?: Never really understood the whole "crush" thing. I dunno. J2 seem like pretty nice guys, and Greg Wood is absolutely my favorite stage actor, but I wouldn't qualify any of them as crushes.
Do you drive? If so, have you ever crashed?: Yes, and yes. Thanks to some bushes and curved road coming up a hill, I missed a car while making a left-hand turn and wasn't able to pull through in time to get out of the way. Since I was in a '89 Volvo station wagon I was able to drive away with a single, very tidy crease behind the wheel-well, while the other car was pretty well smashed to bits. Took me a while after that to stop flinching at left-hand turns.
The last book you read?: Orthodoxy by G.K. Chesterton. But I'm about to start in on The Wonder Machine by Ursula Vernon.
Worst injury you’ve had?: Smashed my chin open when I was about 3 and had to get stitches.
Do you have any obsessions right now?: Uh. Thor: Ragnarok was rad, but doesn't really qualify, I think. Making sure I keep posting at least daily on this blog? There have been a few instances of 11:52 PM posts, I must admit.
Do you tend to hold grudges against people who have done you wrong?: I ... try not to. And mostly succeed, I think. Can't really forget, but I can usually manage at least some level of forgiveness.
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