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Reverse music meme

Since you all shared music with me last week, seems only fair to reciprocate. Here are some of the bands/musicians I not only listen to but actually spend money on, and the songs that won me to them:

Steeleye Span:

I remember listening to my parents' vinyl copy of this album when I was a kid--and this was easily my favorite song of the bunch. The way I can tell if I love a piece is if I memorize it accidentally, and this is an early example of that happening.

Down Like Silver:

Found this pair because the male half used to be part of EastMountainSouth. This is an album I can listen to on repeat for an entire afternoon--I really hope they release some more songs (or even another album!), because I love the way they blend, and their music is just so gentle to listen to. A warm sound, even when it's melancholy.

Over the Rhine:

Someone gave me a ripped copy of this album when I was in college, and I fell in love by the end of the second song--and have now bought quite a few of their other albums (and a legit copy of this one), so this was a case where piracy actually benefited the artists in question. ;)

The Unseen Guest:

I have no idea how I came across this duo, but I remember making my mom listen to this song in particular because I liked it so much. It's too bad it looks like we're stuck with only two albums from them--their songs are clever, both musically and lyrically.

Iron & Wine:

Iron & Wine's lyrics, on the other hand, tend to be pretty much word hash, but they're intriguing word hash, and I really like the instrumentation. This may have come to me courtesy of Pandora, back when that was keeping me sane at work.

La Follia:

Okay, so technically this doesn't fit, since "La Follia" is actually just one of the names for a theme that everyone wrote variations on, back in the day. But the thing is, I am a major junkie for a good set of variations. I have two albums that are nothing but variations on this theme (~2 hours total), and if the guy who headlined the first two albums makes a third I will buy it. (Seriously, Jordi Savall, call me if you want Kickstarter funds or something--I'll help you make it happen.)
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Lovely post and a good amount of listening time will be spent going through the vids :)