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Reverse music meme

Since you all shared music with me last week, seems only fair to reciprocate. Here are some of the bands/musicians I not only listen to but actually spend money on, and the songs that won me to them:

Steeleye Span:

I remember listening to my parents' vinyl copy of this album when I was a kid--and this was easily my favorite song of the bunch. The way I can tell if I love a piece is if I memorize it accidentally, and this is an early example of that happening.

Down Like Silver:

Found this pair because the male half used to be part of EastMountainSouth. This is an album I can listen to on repeat for an entire afternoon--I really hope they release some more songs (or even another album!), because I love the way they blend, and their music is just so gentle to listen to. A warm sound, even when it's melancholy.

Over the Rhine:

Someone gave me a ripped copy of this album when I was in college, and I fell in love by the end of the second song--and have now bought quite a few of their other albums (and a legit copy of this one), so this was a case where piracy actually benefited the artists in question. ;)

The Unseen Guest:

I have no idea how I came across this duo, but I remember making my mom listen to this song in particular because I liked it so much. It's too bad it looks like we're stuck with only two albums from them--their songs are clever, both musically and lyrically.

Iron & Wine:

Iron & Wine's lyrics, on the other hand, tend to be pretty much word hash, but they're intriguing word hash, and I really like the instrumentation. This may have come to me courtesy of Pandora, back when that was keeping me sane at work.

La Follia:

Okay, so technically this doesn't fit, since "La Follia" is actually just one of the names for a theme that everyone wrote variations on, back in the day. But the thing is, I am a major junkie for a good set of variations. I have two albums that are nothing but variations on this theme (~2 hours total), and if the guy who headlined the first two albums makes a third I will buy it. (Seriously, Jordi Savall, call me if you want Kickstarter funds or something--I'll help you make it happen.)
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Lovely post and a good amount of listening time will be spent going through the vids :)
thanks for this list, some good listening! I particularly like the Wolves track and the La Follia variations (I didn't know about the Folia and am glad for the chance to learn about it, thank you!). Being woefully undereducated in this area I have nothing much to offer in return although I wonder if you might enjoy Brian Eno's Canon variations, if you don't know them already. They transform a piece of music I don't much like into something I quite enjoy.

I grew up with Steeleye Span too and they're always in my shuffle, I love them. Sometimes their arrangements are a bit too staid for me (and sometimes they're absolutely perfect) but I do believe that Maddy Prior is incapable of laying down a bad or mistaken vocal track. The places she goes on Tam Lin are otherworldly!
Oh, those variations are fascinating--and a bit disorienting, I must confess. This isn't exactly a variation, but I've listened to it so many times over the years that it's my default "Pachelbel":

Maddy Prior is amazing. <3 (I need to buy some more of their albums instead of listening to ripped copies on YouTube.)
Those are all new to me - and I can't listen just yet either because I'm away and sharing a hotel room so have to wait to partake. Looking forward to it though!