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Reviews: Fantasia 2000; SPN

The thing is, I know a lot of people criticize Fantasia 2000 in comparison to the original, but I think it has some brilliant segments--if the original is all about the spectacle and grandeur possible with animation, 2000 focuses more on wordless storytelling. Sure, the CGI whales don't quite hold up eighteen years later, but there's still a sense of shape and purpose to that segment that I always felt were lacking throughout most of the original. Also, the music and animation are so tightly edited together that it's almost shocking that the music wasn't written afterwards in order to fit. Really, despite a theoretical shared goal, the two movies are doing different things, and I for one am very glad the 2000 iteration exists. Also, you can watch it with young kids and don't have to worry about any accidental trauma until the very end. No brutal dinosaur deaths or demonic naked fire ladies here. ;P

SPN 13.08 - The Frog and the Scorpion

I loved this episode so much, you guys. If the show alternated between this sort of thing and, I dunno, "The Memory Remains", I'd be happy as a duck in a monsoon. Such good dialog--great brother banter, great Dean/forced allies banter, some nice quotable lines: You know what 'miracles' are called from demons? I don't know, but I'm pretty sure it's not 'miracles.' That Dean winds up eating the piece of pie even though it was bought for him by a demon. Don't get dead. // You too. Dean freaking out over having to stick his hand into the metal monster's mouth, Sam being all geeky over the fake basilisk's tooth, Dean gradually bonding with Alice. Even the demon minion was a lot of fun. Sam's idea, and how thrilled they both were when it worked. That cool move with the car during the chase at the end. Alice taking care of herself at the end.

Just all around, it was a ton of fun, and if I didn't have the internet to distract me, I probably would've watched it over again about 8 times by now.
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