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1. What was your first fic and could you stand to reread it today?
2. What’s your most recent fic and how far do you think you’ve come?
3. In your opinion, what’s your best fic?
4. In your opinion and without looking at any numbers, what’s your most popular fic?
5. Is there any fic that makes you super happy to reread and remember you wrote that?
6. Is there any fic that makes you super embarrassed to reread and remember you wrote that?
7. What’s the fic you most want to continue (unfinished or no)?
8. What’s the oldest (longest since last update) fic you most want to continue (unfinished or no)?
9. Have you ever written for a fandom without watching/reading/playing the source material?
10. Have you ever written for a fandom without reading other fanfic for it?
11. Have you ever written a fic for a concept you know someone else has done before? How did it impact your writing process or feelings after posting?
12. Have you ever written a fic and decided never to publish it? Why?
13. What’s the biggest change between your style when you started in fandom and today?
14. What’s the biggest change in your taste between when you started in fandom and today?
15. Have you ever purposefully written one fandom/fic idea over another because you knew it’d be more popular?
16. Have you ever stopped writing a fic/for a fandom because it wasn’t receiving enough attention?
17. In your opinion, what’s your most overrated fic?
18. What’s your most underrated fic?

19. If you had to pick one fic/scene/chapter of your work to describe your entire portfolio to a stranger, which would you pick?
20. Have/Would you ever rewrite a fic? If yes, would you take the original down?
21. If someone starts kudosing and commenting your fics in a spree and has a few works of their own, would you go look through theirs?
22. Has there ever been anyone who’s made you freak out because they read your work and followed/favorited/reviewed?
23. What’s the nicest review you’ve ever gotten?
24. What’s the meanest review you’ve ever gotten? Do you think the reviewer intended it?
25. What constructive criticism, however well-meaning, always makes you feel bad when you see it in a review?
26. What aspect of your writing do you most enjoy to see praised?
27. If you could only ever write crossovers or single-fandom fics ever again, which would you pick?
28. if you could only ever write for a single crossover or a single fandom again, which would you pick?
29. Does the division of your writing across fandoms line up with your reading? What’s the biggest discrepancy?
30. Do you continue to write for a fandom after you’ve moved on or do you focus solely on the new one?
31. Who’s the one character you’ve just never managed to get perfectly right?
32. Who’s the one character who shines without you even trying?
33. Is there any particular character whose scenes always wind up being longer/more frequent than you expected? Does the quality hold up?
34. Was there any fic that you wrote that really surprised you in the fandom reaction? Was it just by the numbers or did they take it an entirely different way?
35. Have you ever written a ship into a fic without meaning to?
36. Have you ever sincerely written a ship you do not support into a fic?
37. Have you ever purposefully bashed a character/ship in a fic?
38. Have you ever purposefully written something you know your readers would find uncomfortable/would not enjoy? If yes, why?
39. Do you consider yourself to have a readership?
40. Do you feel like you put out enough content?
41. If you cross-post your fics on multiple sites, do you have a favorite? Are there certain fics you would only post on certain site?
42. How many views has your most popular fic gotten?
43. Your least popular?
44. Do you follow/favorite/kudos/comment/review more stories than you have received?
45. If you had to call yourself an author of a single genre (besides fanfic) what label would you give yourself?
46. Do you consider yourself a diverse author?
47. If someone you know in real life who isn’t involved in fandoms asked to read your work, would you let them? If yes, what would you recommend they read first?
48. Does anyone you know from outside of fandom know you write fanfic? Are they involved in the same fandom too?
49. Has anyone in your life ever read your fanfic just because you wrote it?
50. Has writing fanfic had a significant impact on your life? Would you say it’s entirely positive?

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3. In your opinion, what’s your best fic?

Um. Hang on a minute--I'll have to go rummage around and remind myself of what I've written.

...Okay, I don't know if I can actually answer this question. Or at least, not with a single, definitive fic. For "best despite the circumstance", I'd probably say In Your Philosophy--it wound up being an inadvertent love-letter to my alma mater, which keeps it from being just another generic college AU, and I think I managed to get enough character details in to make it feel like an actual Naruto AU instead of just original fic with the names slapped on. Of course, it a) continues my tradition of using prompts as springboards instead of roadmaps, and I obviously ran out of writing juice at the end, but still: all in all it still holds up pretty dang well. No exposition dumps, just things coming out through character interactions or Iruka's mental reactions to things.

Best Stargate: Atlantis fic might be Ripples In a Still Pool, which brings my only other college AU series back around and connects it up with canon again. It was an exercise in five separate POVs on a single incident, and I still really like how it came out.

If we're looking at just pieces of Supernatural fic, I'd probably say the "In a Week" sections from Five Ways Things Might Have Jumped the Rails. But for whole pieces, I'm going with the most recent fic, Unseen. It's hard, at this late point in the game, to come up with curses and h/c-type stories that don't just feel like a retread of everything that's already been written. It feels a little presumptuous to say so, but I think I've managed it so far with this fic. Here's hoping I can stick the landing with the closing section.

For original fiction--okay, so two very different styles here, but I think they both do pretty much exactly what I wanted--and I'm totally cheating here because I'm just going to link to series instead of individual fics, and I'm sorry but I just can't judge more closely than this. So, The Princess and the Fox sounds good--I wrote it with Jim Henson's "The Storyteller" in mind, because I love how the narration in that series works. (Which is why I was really miffed when the "editor" of the Spring volume of Imaginary Beasts butchered my phrasing in several places.) Joy in the Morning, on the other hand, is all about dialog and character interactions.

...all of this to say, I guess, that when you ask me for "best", all I can do is point at stuff where the fic as a whole does pretty much exactly what I wanted it to do. I can't pick one, because in each case I was attempting something different--not quite apples and oranges, but a similar situation.

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17. In your opinion, what’s your most overrated fic?
18. What’s your most underrated fic?

Okay, these are much easier to answer. Most overrated? It's not a fic, but I know that the only reason Harry Takes the Field is far and away my most popular work on AO3 is because it's attached to Seperis's enormous Down to Agincourt series. If not for that connection, I doubt more than 5 people would have read it. And yeah, I think it's a decent piece of poetry, but still: people aren't reading it because of its own merits.

The SGA fic Falls the Night, on the other hand, gets ignored because it's a weird AU starring a character who got killed off by the end of the pilot and wasn't liked by any of the fans anyway. It's one that I wrote despite knowing I'd be pretty much the only person reading it, and I wasn't wrong in my prediction.
hello!! It's nice to get to know you!

14. What’s the biggest change in your taste between when you started in fandom and today?

And I have a question that's not on there so feel free to not answer!

What's the most recent lesson about writing (or reading) that fic has taught you?
Hello to you too!

14: Biggest change? I'm not reading enormous Harry Potter AUs anymore. Man, I read so many of those in college. Nowadays, I much prefer fics that are interacting more closely with canon, and I can't remember the last Harry Potter fic I've read. Sure, I still enjoy a good AU, but I've become pretty picky over the years.

Bonus: I already knew this, but "Unseen" reminded me of how the POV can make or break a fic. Also, it strongly reaffirmed that if I don't have the opening line for a fic, there's no real point in me trying to write it. Gotta have that opening, or else the rest of it just won't go anywhere.

(Thing is, I've been writing for a pretty long time now; can't remember when I last had an "aha!" moment of learning something new, as opposed to simply refining the basics I'd already learned.)
heh, how many millions of words in those AUs over the years! It's been yonks since I read HP. I definitely knew my tastes had changed when I stopped reading Snape/Harry -- appealing when I was closer to Harry's age, less so when I neared Snape's.

I just had the same reminder! With a banging first line came the shape and purpose of a story I didn't think I'd be interested in writing. Only thing that equals that unlocking relief is figuring out the last line (handily, they're often linked).
Seriously! Some of those things were massive. Are massive, I suppose--it was such a popular genre I imagine it's still getting written. It's funny, but I don't remember when I stopped reading HP, though I'm pretty sure the bulk of that shift happened somewhere in college. Probably because I reached a point where all the characters seemed pretty immature. :P

And yes--such a marvelous feeling when everything snaps into place and the story suddenly starts unrolling itself for you.